Are Dental Implants Preferred Over Root Canals and a Crown?

dental implants or crown how to choose

If you have a tooth that is affected by extended decay and infection, you can practically choose between two treatment methods: you can have a root canal treatment or an implant. Here is what each of the solutions involve to help you choose what is best for you:

  • The process – with a root canal, the tooth will be opened to clean the infected area, then a medicated filling is applied to further promote the healing. When the inflammation is gone and the healing is complete, the root is filled with permanent filling and a crown is installed to provide the visible part of the tooth. With an implant, you need the decayed tooth extracted. When the extraction site has healed, a metal pole is mounted into the jawbone, then an abutment is installed onto which the crown is mounted;
  • The timeframe – root canals usually take a week or two to heal, then the crown can be installed immediately. Getting a dental implant takes much longer, depending on how long the healing takes after each phase;
  • Durability – the crown installed after a root canal can last for over 10 years, while dental implants Chicago surgeons perform can last for over 20 or 25 years.