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What Are Impacted Canines and Are They Rare?

Impaction is a problem caused by the inability of the tooth to erupt through the gum. The teeth that are the most commonly affected by the issue are wisdom teeth, the second most common type of teeth that suffer from impaction being canines. Canine teeth are the ones in the immediate vicinity of the incisors […]

Why is Oral Surgery Needed?

Oral surgery comprises a wide set of interventions, from minor interventions to remove growths from the oral cavity to complex ones to remove tumors or to correct the damage caused by traumas. Here are some of the most common situation that might require intervention by an oral surgeon: Impacted teeth – impaction happens when one […]

Is it Recommended to Have Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, are teeth that don’t play any role in chewing and grinding our food and like any organ that is not used, they are more prone to damage and incorrect development than the teeth that are functional. However, wisdom teeth do not necessarily cause problems. Many people have healthy, strong […]

How Safe are Dental Implants

The process of getting dental implants involves a series of minor surgical interventions, therefore asking whether getting dental implants is safe is a reasonable question and must be done by a dental implant surgeon Highland Park area that has expertise. Dental implants offer a success rate of around 95%, which means that you can consider […]

What is the Upkeep for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial teeth that attach to the jawbone in a way that is different from the way natural teeth are attached and that are also made from materials that behave differently, therefore cleaning around them is slightly different than the process of cleaning natural teeth. Here are some things that you should know […]

Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants

Medical insurance typically provides coverage for medical treatments and interventions that are necessary. As dental implants are the most modern, most advanced and most expensive tooth replacement solutions, they are very rarely considered necessary, therefore they are only very rarely covered by standard medical insurance. However, the procedure’s exclusion from under the coverage of most […]

Why Haven’t My Third Molars Grown Out? Doesn’t Everyone Have Wisdom Teeth?

  Growing your wisdom teeth could be an interesting experience to say the least. A lot of people grow a third set of molars, and since the experience is so common, there is a misconception that might say that everyone has them. The reality, however, is that a recent statistic has shown about 5% to […]

How Long Is the Recovery Process for Most Oral Surgeries?

Depending on whether you have school or work after your dentist appointment, or whether you want to go on a trip, it’s essential to find out how long the recovery process lasts for oral surgeries. While there might be different types of surgeries with different lengths of healing and recovery time, you’ll find that the […]

What Are Dental Implants Made of and Why Do They Last so Long?

Dental implants have an interesting history that dates back many years. Some of the first implants simply consisted of tooth-shaped metal inserts that were added to supplement missing teeth. This practice was actually commonplace in most areas until advanced materials were developed that could mimic the texture and appearance of normal teeth. In some areas, […]

Improving the Condition of Your Teeth: Can Anyone Get Dental Implants?

There are many possible issues to be considered when it comes to getting implants. Many people opt for them, since they represent a convenient method by which missing teeth can be replaced and made to look natural without risking further damage. The complications that might make your dentist lean towards recommending against you getting implants […]