Can I Ask My Dentist for An Oral Surgeon Referral?

Did You Know Oral Surgeon Can Be Referral

Oral surgeons and general dentists are both medical professionals who treat affections of the teeth and of the mouth, but the affections they treat are quite different. While general dentists usually perform root canal treatments, fillings, dental cleaning and they apply facets, oral surgeons usually treat more severe affections that general dentist do not have the qualification for, such as dental extractions, the removal of growths in the oral cavity, surgeries to correct affections of the jaws and of the face.

Another similarity between general dentists and oral surgeons is that they both work mainly based on appointments, but while patients usually make appointments for seeing their general dentist directly with the dentist’s office, many oral surgeons require their patients to have a referral from a general dentist. This means that the first step toward getting a more serious oral or dental affection treated is by turning to a general dentist to obtain a referral first, then making the appointment with the oral surgeon. However, many oral surgeons handle emergencies as well, so if you are sure that your problem can only be treated by an oral surgeon, you can call a specialist directly at, without having obtained a referral first.