Can You Just Get One Dental Tooth Implant?

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Dental implants are advanced, extremely durable dental replacement solutions that are manufactured based on a mold taken of the patient’s mouth and installed one at a time, so they are the best Buffalo Grove dental implant solution for getting any number of teeth replaced, one just as well as many.

When it comes to replacing just one lost tooth, there are two options available: you can either have a bridge consisting of three teeth, with the gap being located in the middle and with the two adjacent teeth holding up the bridge or you can have a dental implant that leaves the adjacent teeth intact and untouched, replacing only the missing tooth root and crown. While getting a bridge is usually faster, replacing the missing tooth with an implant is a solution that lasts longer and is more comfortable. Dental implants work and look every bit like natural teeth – the titanium pole that serves as the root and is installed directly into the jawbone and the state-of-the-art materials and technologies used for preparing the crown guarantee that. Bridges are also cheaper than implants, but the lifetime of an implant is usually much longer, over 25 years, while a bridge will need to be corrected or even completely replaced after around 10 years.