What Procedures Do Oral Surgeons Perform?

Oral health surgeon dental implant jaw disorder

Oral surgeons are highly-trained and qualified dental specialists who treat health problems that affect the jaw, the face and the mouth and that are beyond the competence of general dentists. Here are some of the most common procedures performed by oral surgeons:

  • Anaesthesia – while many of the procedures performed by general dentists can be done without anaesthesia, most interventions and treatments performed by oral surgeons require mild, moderate or even general anaesthesia and these doctors receive extensive training in administering sedation;
  • Simple extractions – while many general dentists are willing to perform simple extractions occasionally, the removal of infected, broken or impacted teeth is one of the most common interventions performed by a knowledgeable Chicago dental implant surgeon;
  • Wisdom tooth extractions – wisdom teeth removal is usually more complicated than the extractions performed to remove other types of teeth and are exclusively done by oral surgeons;
  • Treatment for the temporomandibular joint syndrome – the problem manifests in the form of severe jaw pain, the inability to move the jaw during chewing or speaking and popping sounds during jaw movements. Oral surgeons diagnose the condition and they treat it with surgical and non-surgical methods;
  • The removal of saliva glands – saliva glands are found in the lining of the mouth, especially on the inner side of the mouth. When they get obstructed, they might become small bumps that are not dangerous, but can be uncomfortable and are often treated by oral surgeons.