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What Foods Do You Have to Eliminate with Dental Implants?

When your dental implants are completely integrated into the jawbone and the gum where the incision was made to insert the implant is completely healed, your implant will give you the same biting and chewing experience as natural teeth. However, until that happens, you should pay a bit more attention to what you eat and […]

What Are the New Technologies for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are currently the most modern dental replacement solutions and also a field that features continuous innovation. Implanting technologies are constantly evolving to include new installation and design techniques as well as new materials – here are some examples of innovative methods: Digital implant design – more and more implantologists use digital scans of […]

Can You Chew Food Right Away After Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

Wisdom teeth – the last teeth at the end of each row – are vestigial molars that have lost their role in grinding and chewing food, that is why they are so often affected by development abnormalities and they become decayed so quickly after eruption. Wisdom tooth problems are so common that most people need […]

Can You Drive After Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

For most people, their wisdom teeth are the first ones to need extraction, usually not long after the molars have erupted or even before that. In most cases, the extraction is very similar to the extraction of any other teeth, but in some cases, the intervention is more complex, the difficulty of the surgery largely […]

Is Wisdom Tooth Removal A One Day Process?

Wisdom teeth are more likely to need extraction than other teeth and the problems they cause might be more severe, too, but the extraction procedure usually can be performed as outpatient treatment, meaning that you can go home right after the surgery. Here is what you should expect with a wisdom tooth removal Skokie procedure: […]

Is It True You Should Have Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Over time, wisdom teeth, the last molars at the ends of each row of teeth, have lost their role in chewing food, therefore they are the most common causes for severe dental problems, such as impaction, gum recession and infections, teeth that often need to be extracted soon after they erupt or, in many cases, […]

What Are Some of The Complications with Removing Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are more prone to developing severe problems and their difficult-to-reach location makes the extraction of these vestigial molars more complicated, too. The removal of wisdom teeth also comes with a higher risk of developing complications as well – here are some common ones: Dry socket – when a tooth is extracted, the gap […]

What Is the Purpose of Wisdom Teeth If Dentists Recommend They Should Be Pulled?

A wisdom tooth, also called a third molar, is practically a tooth that no longer has any role in the mouth, a vestigial tooth that is no longer used for chewing or grinding food. Tens of thousands of years ago, when our ancestors had a diet that was radically different from ours, wisdom teeth were […]

Do You Need to Remove Wisdom Teeth If They Grow in Properly?

Wisdom teeth are the teeth that are responsible for the most considerable part of dental issues – the loss of function, the hard-to-reach location and the proneness to development defect makes the third molars highly problematic. While many specialists recommend the wisdom tooth extraction Park Ridge offers soon after they erupt, before they start causing […]

How To Handle Receding Gum Lines

If you have noticed that your gum seems to be pulling back, making your teeth look longer, you are probably suffering from receding gums. The problem can have many causes, the most severe and most common one being gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, caused by natural aging, poor oral hygiene or medical conditions, […]