Do You Need to Remove Wisdom Teeth If They Grow in Properly?

Wisdom tooth extraction what can we do for you

Wisdom teeth are the teeth that are responsible for the most considerable part of dental issues – the loss of function, the hard-to-reach location and the proneness to development defect makes the third molars highly problematic. While many specialists recommend the wisdom tooth extraction Park Ridge offers soon after they erupt, before they start causing problems, extraction is not always necessary. There are a few lucky people who have perfectly developed, healthy wisdom teeth that do not cause issues. Here are the parameters of wisdom teeth that do not need to be taken out:

  • Fully erupted – wisdom teeth that have protruded through the gum can stay for as long as they are healthy;
  • Positioned correctly – wisdom teeth that grow in the right direction can also be left in place;
  • Healthy – wisdom teeth are prone to developing cavities and infections. While many of these problems are treatable in the same way as the problems developed by the other teeth in the mouth, if the wisdom tooth causes repeated problems or issues that are increasingly difficult to treat, the dentist might recommend the removal of the tooth. The area around wisdom teeth might also become affected by gum disease, case in which removal is a good idea, too.