How To Resolve Jaw Discomfort

jaw pain oral surgery required surgeon referral

Jaw pain and jaw discomfort can be caused by many things, the most common causes being involuntary teeth grinding and jaw clenching, damaged, impacted or misaligned teeth, stress that causes the muscles of the jaw to contract and trauma sustained by the jaw, such as a severe blow. While in some cases, the discomfort experienced in the jaw can go away on its own, in other cases, it can be managed with home remedies and there are situations that require treatment by a medical specialist. Here is how jaw discomfort can be remedied:

  • Home remedies – heat and cold are both known to be efficient for jaw discomfort. Try to apply an ice bag or a piece of clean cloth that you have previously put into warm water – the method might provide instant relief;
  • Over the counter pain relievers – the pain relievers that contain ibuprofen have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, both beneficial for jaw discomfort;
  • Medical treatment – if your jaw discomfort persists, do not postpone a visit to your regular dentist. Your doctor will identify the exact cause of the problem and will recommend the most adequate treatment. In some cases, the best solution is a long-term one, such as dental aligners or braces.  Referrals to can be really effective in treating jaw pain.