What Are The Benefits of Distraction Osteogenesis

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Distraction osteogenesis is a method that has been long used for extending the length of a bone, most commonly to correct problems that affect the face, especially the mandible, in childhood. The method involves surgery during which the bone to be lengthened is cut into two, after which a device called a distractor is introduced between the two parts to pull the pieces apart, encouraging the body to fill the gap with new bone tissue over time. The distractor might be placed under the skin or attached to an exterior device – in the latter case, the patient’s caregiver adjusts the screws on the external device regularly to sustain the production of new bone.

The method has been efficiently used to correct various issues, such as an abnormally small jawbone and other, growth-related issues, such as improperly aligned jaws. It has many advantages over traditional surgical methods that use bone grafts to lengthen the affected bone:

  • Healing time in the surgical area is much shorter, usually 10-14 days;
  • The method does not involve cuts made on the face, therefore the process reduces or completely eliminates visible scarring of the face;
  • The complete process of creating bone of the right shape and size is significantly shorter that with traditional interventions.

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