What Is Involved With Dental Bone Grafting

dental implants bone grafting

Bone grafting is a process used for enhancing the density and the structure of one of the patient’s bones using another piece of bone taken from the patient’s body. When used in dental implants Chicago treatment procedures, the piece of bone to be inserted is usually taken from the patient’s bone or from some other body area and the goal of the process is to enhance the structure of the jawbone to make it suitable for inserting one or multiple implants as well as for bridgework. If the patient’s own bones are not suitable for obtaining the graft, alternative solutions include the usage of cadaver bones and synthetic bone tissue.

Bone grafting has very important benefits in dental surgery. The procedure is relatively easy and the usage of the patient’s own bone reduces the risk of rejection and it also makes various dental treatments, such as implants, available to patients whose own bone structure would be otherwise unsuitable. The intervention causes very little discomfort to the patient – some swelling is possible in the grafted area, but most patients go through the intervention and the healing without experiences any pain or soreness. Bone grafting is today routine procedure, therefore it is available from many dental practitioners.