When Do Wisdom Teeth Become Troubling?

wisdom tooth dental removal process

Wisdom teeth are the last molars at the end of each row of teeth, molars that have lost their function over time and that have also lost the space in the jaw that they would need to erupt and to develop properly. These changes in the structure of the human skull account for the frequent and severe problems caused by wisdom teeth – here are some of these troubles:

  • Impaction – very often, wisdom teeth become trapped (impacted) under the gum, failing to erupt through the gum, growing in the wrong direction and hurting the adjacent teeth as well. The only solution to the problem is Skokie wisdom tooth removal through an incision made on the gum;
  • Decay and infection – the location of wisdom teeth makes them difficult to clean properly and this difficulty makes them more prone to cavities as well as to other forms of decay and infection. Wisdom teeth are the most common culprits behind facial swelling and severe dental pain the treatment chosen by the dentist being root canal, cleaning and filling or referral to an oral surgeon for extraction, depending on the severity of the issue;
  • Jaw pain – wisdom teeth that do not erupt correctly will push the adjacent teeth, causing them to move and causing jaw stiffness and jaw pain. Like in the case of impaction, the only solution to the problem is the removal of the wisdom tooth.