When Is Pre-Prosthetic Surgery Required Before Dentures

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Pre-prosthetic surgery, also known as alveoplasty or jawbone reshaping and smoothing, is the process of surgically removing any ridges or bumps that might make the patient’s jawbone uneven. An even jawbone is very important for patients who are going to receive dentures – dentures are usually rigid structures that cannot rest safely on uneven gums; if they are not used on smooth gums, they might move and shift and they might also interfere with the patient’s ability to eat. If smoothening is required, it is usually performed before receiving the prosthetic device – here is what you should know about the procedure:

  • Alveoplasty is usually performed before creating the dentures, often alongside multiple extractions;
  • The procedure is performed under anesthesia by dental implants Highland Park specialists;
  • The intervention involves the creation of a gum tissue flap to expose the uneven bone, the removal of the ridge or bump on the bone, then the reattachment of the gum tissue flap to close the area that has been operated on;
  • The time required for complete healing is usually between 4 and 6 weeks. When the healing process is complete, the doctor can take the final mold of the patient’s mouth and the dentures can be produced by the dental technician.