When Should You Replace A Tooth With A Dental Implant

When Dental Implant Needed

Dental implants are great, modern dental replacement solutions that feel and look exactly like natural teeth and that come with a reduced risk of being rejected by the patient’s body. Here are some scenarios in which dental implants could be the best solution:

  • One or multiple teeth missing – dental implants are installed one by one, therefore they are suitable for replacing any tooth;
  • Dental replacement when bridges are not an option – a bridge is a dental replacement solution that rests on two healthy teeth at each end, bridging over the gap left by the extracted tooth or teeth. However, the existing teeth do not allow for creating the two pillars, implanting is the best solution;
  • Dental replacement when dentures are not an option – not every patients wants or is able to wear dentures. Many people cannot get used to dentures, they suffer from gum pain, nausea or other forms of discomfort and some people are not willing to put up with the changes in their speech and eating habits that complete dentures might cause. For these people, a Buffalo Grove dental implant service might be a great alternative – though implants are not cheap and the implantation process is lengthy, too, the solution is great for replacing any number of teeth, anywhere in the mouth.