When Should you Replace Teeth with Dental Implants?

man missing tooth dental implant surgeon can fix

Dental implants are the most advanced, most durable tooth replacement solutions available today. Implants are artificial teeth consisting of a titanium pole inserted into the jawbone, an abutment mounted on the pole after the jawbone has received the pole and has surrounded it with new bone tissue and the visible part of the implant, such as a crown or a tooth in a bridge. The solution is very well received by patients and is suitable for solving many issues – here are some:

  • Jawbones weakened by gum disease or by osteoporosis – many people suffer from severe bone loss that prevents them from receiving bridges that need to be fixed on solid, healthy teeth. In their case, the solution might be the insertion of a piece of natural or artificial bone unto the jawbone to strengthen the area and to stop bone loss and the installation of implants to hold bridges;
  • Only one tooth needs replacement – while a bridge made to replace one removed tooth would require to adjust the two adjacent teeth as well, dental implants can come in the form of single teeth and they can be used to replace the one teeth missing without sacrificing others;
  • A solution that looks natural is required – a dental implant surgeon Buffalo Grove along with modern technologies and materials can make sure that the crowns used on the implants look and feel completely natural.