3 Qualifications of a Licensed Oral Surgeon

Oral surgeon qualifications licesned surgery

Oral surgeons, also known as maxillofacial surgeons, are medical specialists who perform special corrective interventions and treatments that involve the mouth and the jaw, such as cleft palate and cleft lip surgery, complicated extractions to remove impacted or severely damaged teeth or to install dental implants. They also frequently work in collaboration with general dentists, orthodontists and surgeons. Here are some of the qualifications that a North Suburban oral surgeon needs for being allowed to practice:

  • A bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology or another, related field – this qualification is very important to prove the doctor’s knowledge in the field of sciences;
  • A doctor’s degree in medical dentistry or dental surgery – oral surgeons need all the knowledge that dentists have, including knowledge about all the dental procedures performed by general dentists;
  • A license in oral surgery – after having completed their training as a dentist, they need to continue their training to learn oral surgery. When those studies are completed, the future oral surgeons need to complete clinical practice and then they need to pass several exams to receive their license, issued by the state in which they want to practice. It is only after obtaining that license that oral surgeons can set up their own practice or they can seek employment with an already existing practice.