What Are Impacted Canines and Are They Rare?

wisdom teeth impaction oral surgeon required

Impaction is a problem caused by the inability of the tooth to erupt through the gum. The teeth that are the most commonly affected by the issue are wisdom teeth, the second most common type of teeth that suffer from impaction being canines.

Canine teeth are the ones in the immediate vicinity of the incisors (the four teeth in the front, in the upper and in the lower row of teeth). Unlike wisdom teeth, that play no real role in eating, speaking or other oral functions, canines are essential for biting, chewing, speaking and they also have an important aesthetic role, therefore they are extracted only when no other correction method brings results. The most common cause for impacted canines being overcrowding, the dentist will first try to make space for the affected tooth and to allow it to align itself.

The earlier the impaction is detected by oral surgeons at HICD, the easier it is to correct the problem – in the case of children, the first results can be achieved in a couple of months, with the help of braces. In the case of adult patients, the correction usually takes time and also involves the installation of braces. The process might also involve the removal of teeth in less visible positions to allow the teeth to move in the desired direction.