Are Dental Implants the Right Choice

Dental Dentistry Implant Choices

Dental implants are currently the most advanced and also the most expensive tooth replacement solutions, options that are suitable for almost any patient from a medical point of view, the only limitations being mostly financial in nature. Here are some benefits of dental implants that can help you decide whether they are your choice, too:

  • Natural feel and appearance – the roots of dental implants are very well fixed in the patient’s jawbone, therefore implants will never shift or move. The crowns that make up the visible part of the implants are created from advanced materials that ensure not only their strength, but also their natural appearance and a color that matches the color of the adjacent teeth;
  • Durability – with proper care, dental implants last for about 25 years. They are also problem-free – being made from strong metals and resins, they do not develop cavities and root problems;
  • Suitable for people suffering from bone density issues – a Park Ridge dental implant comes in various types, some of which can be used by patients with compromised jawbone density. The application of these special implants is somewhat more complex than the application of simple implants, but they offer the above benefits as well.