The Process of Tooth Removal

wisdom tooth impacted surgery remvoal

If you need a dental extraction or wisdom tooth removal and you don’t know what the process involves, here are a few things to know about the intervention:

  • The administration of the analgesic – most doctors offer patients the option to choose the level of sedation. In most cases, a local anesthetic is applied to numb the area where the intervention will be performed, but patients can choose deeper anesthesia, even complete sedation;
  • The extraction – when the area where the tooth to be extracted is located is completely numb, the oral surgeon will start the extraction. The tools used include little hammers and shears and you can also expect the process to be accompanied by unpleasant odors and sounds;
  • The dressing of the wound – after the tooth is removed along with all the pieces of its root, the hole left behind is cleaned and sutures are applied if necessary;
  • Caring for the wound at home – the patient is usually allowed to go home soon after the intervention. The patient will also receive instructions for the following two days – as a general rule, the patient should take lots of rest, should avoid spicy, very hot and very cold food as well as dairy and should consume plenty of liquids.