Can You Keep Your Wisdom Teeth and Is It Actually a Good Idea?

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Even though dentists usually recommend the removal of wisdom teeth, that’s not necessarily a rule. In many cases, you can retain your wisdom teeth as long as they are healthy and they don’t hinder your oral health and your appearance. Otherwise, your dentist will likely recommend you to an oral surgeon who can help you with the procedure.


Cases when wisdom teeth are retained are rare, but they do occur. The most common scenario is that the dentist did recommend removing the teeth, but the patient didn’t have the time and resources to go and have it done, and they may have postponed the procedure at least on a temporary basis, since those sets of teeth are way in the back and their decay isn’t usually immediately noticeable.


Other cases might involve the dentist actually doing a thorough checkup and recommending that the patient keep their wisdom teeth but use carefully selected oral hygiene products and methods to keep them free of unwanted food particles and bacteria.


If your dentist recommends you for wisdom teeth removal, your best choice is to get a referral for a dependable oral surgeon from such as wisdom tooth extraction Buffalo Grove has to offer, make an appointment, and have the procedure done as soon as possible.