When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary and Why Would You Need It?

Tooth Extraction Oral Surgery Required

While sometimes a cleaning and a filling will do, tooth extractions might be necessary if your tooth is too far gone. Decay and cavities are the main villains here, and you need to take care to prevent them from taking hold too much. Failing to do so will almost always lead to the need for removing the tooth and replacing it with dentures or an implant.


The idea behind tooth extraction is to prevent the cavities from affecting surrounding teeth and gums and causing complications and additional problems to take hold. Sometimes dentists might recommend extraction simply as a precautionary measures, while other times you might reach a point where your tooth simply has to be removed.


The latter involves cases when the problem can no longer be solved in any other way, and either a simple or surgical extraction is necessary. While simple extractions can be performed within minutes by a regular dentist, surgical extractions require the presence of a licensed oral surgeon who can handle the complexity of the procedure more efficiently.


Sometimes extractions are not entirely necessary, but they might be recommended, and the procedure is a more difficult one. This is the case with the removal of wisdom teeth, which always warrants the services of an accomplished oral surgeon found here https://www.precisionosi.com/contact-us/buffalo-grove-office/.