Do Wisdom Teeth Cause You Pain?

wisdom tooth extraction impacted teeth causing pain

Wisdom teeth are responsible for a considerable part of dental problems – having no role in chewing and grinding food, they can be affected in many ways and they can also cause lots of pain. Here are some causes that might result in pain:

  • Failure to erupt – in many cases, wisdom teeth are unable to protrude through the gum, but they do not stop developing. When this happens, the wisdom tooth grows under the gum, horizontally, making space for the growth by pushing the adjacent teeth. The forced movement of the row of teeth and the incorrect growth process can cause lots of pain and require wisdom tooth extraction Highland Park offices offer;
  • Incorrect partial eruption – wisdom teeth might also erupt partially, the growth process being compromised and continuing in the wrong direction, which can also cause lots of pain;
  • Decay and infections – being located at the end of the rows of teeth, wisdom teeth are hard or impossible to clean correctly, which makes them more prone to developing cavities as well as to infections;
  • Gum disease – the difficulty to clean wisdom teeth also increases the risk of developing gum disease, an affection that is accompanies by gum sensitivity, irritation, pain and very often bad breath as well.