What Is The Best Age To Remove Wisdom Teeth

teen wisdom tooth removal follow up exam

Wisdom teeth removal is in many ways similar to the extraction of any other tooth – the surgical area is numbed with a suitable anaesthetic, then, when the anaesthetic takes effect, the tooth is loosened in its socket and removed with the help if specialized tools, such as forceps and hammers, then the surgical wound is dressed or sutured.

The age recommended by Park Ridge wisdom tooth removal specialists for wisdom teeth removal is between the age of 15-25, right after the tooth are fully erupted. Wisdom teeth grow very slowly and their roots are not fully formed for some time even after the eruption is complete, which means that they are not fixed very firmly into the jawbone making them easier to move and to extract.

When it comes to wisdom teeth removal, there are other opinions, too: some specialists say that putting the body through an unnecessary surgery to remove healthy wisdom teeth is useless. According to them, wisdom teeth should be removed only if they are impacted, decayed or if they cause other problems, such as gum disease or infections and inflammations. This means that the extraction should not be linked to the age of the patient, but to the condition of the wisdom tooth.