Do You Need Dental Referrals for Oral Surgery?

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If you need to undergo oral surgery, dental referrals are a great way to obtain the information you need for being able to find the right specialist and they might also be required for the procedure itself and requested by your medical insurer. Dental referrals are documents in which one medical specialist requests assistance from another medical specialist. Here are some of the situations that require dental referrals:

  • The health problem that you need treatment for exceeds the competence of your current dentist and you need urgent treatment by a medical professional who specializes in your affection – your referral will include your personal details and a short history of the treatments that you have received;
  • When you need your treatment to be covered by your insurer – many insurers will only cover the expenses of treatment that are medically necessary. The document that will prove that and that will help establish a track record of the treatments that the patient has received will also serve as proof of the necessity of the treatment.

Every medical situation is different and so is the necessity to get a Highland Park dental implant surgeon referral. To figure out whether you need a referral, talk to your dentist about the issue and also contact your insurer for information.