When is Dental Bone Surgery Needed?

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Dental bone surgery, also known as dental bone grafting, is a minor surgical intervention that involves a minor incision through which artificial bone material or a tiny piece of bone removed from another area in the patient’s own body is inserted into the jaw to encourage the patient’s body to grow new bone cells in weakened areas, such as jawbone areas that have lost some of their density. Here are some situations that require a bone graft:

  • You need a dental implant, but your jawbone is too weak to receive the artificial tooth – bone loss starts a couple of years after a tooth is extracted. If you want an implant in that place and the preliminary scan shows insufficient bone density, the problem can be corrected by inserting the graft by a dental implant Park Ridge surgeon;
  • Your jawbone is weakened by gum disease – periodontal disease might also cause bone loss and oral surgeons use grafting to remedy this type of problem as well;
  • Preventing changes in facial features – bone grafts are successfully used for strengthening the sinus bone to prevent it from reaching downward after the removal of several teeth in the upper row.

The patient’s body usually takes some time to respond to the bone graft – in most cases, any further procedure, such as the mounting of the dental implant post, can be done only a few months after the grafting.