Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants

questions does insurance cover dental implants

Medical insurance typically provides coverage for medical treatments and interventions that are necessary. As dental implants are the most modern, most advanced and most expensive tooth replacement solutions, they are very rarely considered necessary, therefore they are only very rarely covered by standard medical insurance. However, the procedure’s exclusion from under the coverage of most medical insurance policies does not mean that dental implants are out of reach for people who cannot or don’t want to pay large amounts of money in one sum. Here are some financial options:

  • Payment plans and discounts – many implantologists today offer their patients the option to pay for their implants in installments. You might also be able to find specialists who offer discounts to patients who get multiple implants;
  • Dental insurance – though not all dental insurance policies cover for cosmetic treatments, including dental implants, you might be able to find a policy that does. You should also know that most dental insurance policies come with a waiting period of 2-6 months before any dental work can be started under the coverage of the policy;
  • A personal loan – many lenders today offer personal loans with very favorable conditions;
  • Paying with your credit card – this is also a Park Ridge dental implant surgeon payment option.