What is the Upkeep for Dental Implants?

cleaning dental implant care brushing oral health

Dental implants are artificial teeth that attach to the jawbone in a way that is different from the way natural teeth are attached and that are also made from materials that behave differently, therefore cleaning around them is slightly different than the process of cleaning natural teeth. Here are some things that you should know about keeping your dental implants clean and unharmed:

  • Caring for dental implants at home – among home circumstances, the cleaning of dental implants is not different from the methods used for cleaning natural teeth. Brush your dental implants twice a day like you normally wash your natural whites, with a medium brush and a fluoride tooth paste and floss them once a day, too. You can also use an interdental brush to clean areas that are difficult to reach and an oral irrigator for even more thorough cleanliness;
  • The tools used by your dentist or hygienist – the best way to ensure proper cleanliness of your implants without harming them is to get them cleaned by your hygienist every couple of months, too. The Chicago dental implant surgeon specialist will use special tools made from resins and plastics and so should your dentist – these special scalers and curettes clean the abutment and the crown that make up the implant gently and efficiently.