Evaluating the Costs of Going to the Dentist – How Expensive Will Your Oral Surgery Be?

Keep costs down wisdom tooth extraction oral surgery

Finding an oral surgeon is not that difficult. With the internet at your disposal and references from your family doctor and dentist, you might be able to find an expert that does an excellent job. The question is whether you can afford it. There are countless stories about how expensive getting your teeth done can be, but the fact of the matter is that costs are not all that high, especially if you do a bit of work to locate a dental surgeon who works at lower costs as well.


The price of oral surgery can be pretty steep if you need something a little fancier. However, if you just want a basic wisdom tooth removal Highland Park offices provide along with the removal of gum tissue or bone, the price will be somewhere between $250 and $400. Compared to a regular tooth extraction, which is at most $250, the price is not that bad.


If you need help with a more complex procedure, such as wisdom teeth removal, then you might need to pay a little more. The cost in that case can go up to about $500, and it might cost more if there are any complications that also have to be taken into account. In general, the more complicated the surgery, the more money it will cost. Fortunately, the total cost won’t be much higher, as the price of a basic checkup is right around $75, and you can get a common, small x-ray at a price no greater than about $30.