What Are the Main Types of Dental Implants Available?

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Getting dental implants is a big decision, and it can require careful consideration. In many cases, it has a lot to do with aesthetics, but it’s also based on functional procedures designed to aid in oral health and not just give you a great smile.


That being said, there are three major types of Chicago dental implants that are worth mentioning:


  • Endosteal implants are considered the most common types of implants. They act as placeholders for teeth, and are inserted into the jaw to fuse together over time and create a strong foundation for your fake teeth to be supported on. These types of implants can be installed without much difficulty, but they require precision and a long recovery time.
  • Subperiosteal don’t require being placed into the jawbone. They are placed above it, but still inside the gum, which some might say is somewhat less resilient of a solution. However, it’s also a good option for someone who wants to avoid invasive procedures.
  • Zygomatic implants are less common than the other two since they require a more complex procedure. These implants are only used if you don’t have enough jawbone to support the other two kinds. The reason for the difficulty of the procedure is that the implant uses the cheekbone rather than the jawbone.