How Can You Know If Surgery Is Required to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

expert advice wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom tooth extraction is typically recommended if your wisdom teeth don’t have enough space to grow out properly. The issue can be that the growth will become painful and distorted, and that it can also lead to secondary problems such as food being trapped behind your wisdom teeth and leading to decay and infection, as well as the possible onset of gum disease.


Because wisdom tooth extractions can carry certain risks if not performed correctly, the safest option considered is to have it done as an outpatient surgery with Highland Park wisdom tooth removal surgeons. This means you will have to go home the same day as when the surgery is performed, and the anesthetic used will not be that powerful.


For that purpose, you’ll have to prepare ahead of time. Make sure  you ask your dentist how many wisdom teeth have to be removed and how long the surgery is expected to last. Ask if you should have someone there to drive you home, and inquire about any risks that you should be aware of, such as damage to other teeth or the onset of mild nerve damage.


Being informed about these issues is highly essential, and your dentist will be obliged to answer all your questions. In most cases, however, you’ll find that the procedure will go very smoothly, and you’ll be back in action in no time.