Improving the Condition of Your Teeth: Can Anyone Get Dental Implants?

dental imlant surgeon

There are many possible issues to be considered when it comes to getting implants. Many people opt for them, since they represent a convenient method by which missing teeth can be replaced and made to look natural without risking further damage. The complications that might make your dentist lean towards recommending against you getting implants are usually linked only to serious disorders that you might have. Aside from that, any healthy patient that has good oral hygiene and enough bone to support the implant will be eligible and okay to have dental implant surgeon Chicago area perform an implant.


The only time your dentist might hesitate to clear you for implants would be if you suffer from gingivitis or a serious disease such as diabetes, heart disease or various other uncontrolled chronic disorders. Also, patients who are heavy smokers and those who needed to get radiation therapy to areas close to where the implant will go usually have to be examined further before a decision is made.


Most experts, however, will tell you that even if you do suffer from a serious condition, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get an implant. Your dentist might simply err on the side of caution to make sure that everything is in order and that the procedure will not make your condition worse.