Is it Recommended to Have Wisdom Teeth Extracted

recommended wisdom tooth extraction impacted

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, are teeth that don’t play any role in chewing and grinding our food and like any organ that is not used, they are more prone to damage and incorrect development than the teeth that are functional. However, wisdom teeth do not necessarily cause problems. Many people have healthy, strong wisdom teeth that do not need removal, so what wisdom tooth extraction Skokie experts recommend is to get third molars extracted only if they cause issues, indeed. Here are some issues for which extraction is the best option:

  • Decay and repeated infections – wisdom teeth are the last teeth in each row, therefore they are very difficult to clean properly, so the wisdom teeth that have developed large cavities and get infected frequently are best treated through extraction;
  • Incorrect growth – wisdom teeth tend to grow incorrectly – they either fail to erupt through the gum or they do erupt, but they grow to push the nearby teeth. Removal is the best solution in these cases as well;
  • Gum disease – frequent infections might affect not only the teeth, but the gums as well. If the gum around the wisdom tooth shows signs of periodontal disease, the removal of the tooth that causes the problem might be the best solution.