Why is Oral Surgery Needed?

Why oral surgeon surgery

Oral surgery comprises a wide set of interventions, from minor interventions to remove growths from the oral cavity to complex ones to remove tumors or to correct the damage caused by traumas. Here are some of the most common situation that might require intervention by an oral surgeon:

  • Impacted teeth – impaction happens when one or several teeth in a row are unable to erupt through the gum and they start pushing the adjacent teeth. The problem most commonly affects canines and wisdom teeth and it might require the removal of the impacted tooth or of other teeth in the row to make space for the correct eruption and growth of the impacted tooth;
  • Cleft lip and cleft palate surgery – both problems are birth defects that manifest in the form of improperly developing mouths and palates during pregnancy. The problem is usually corrected with surgery to close the palate and the affected lip;
  • Reconstructive surgery after an injury – oral surgeons also perform interventions to correct the consequences of traumas sustained by the face;
  • Complicated tooth extractions – oral surgery is often needed for extracting teeth that are too severely damaged to be handled by general dentists, such as teeth with a fractured or curved root.  For a superb Oral Surgeon look to https://www.precisionosi.com/contact-us/old-orchard-office/.