Is It True You Should Have Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Things You Should Know Wisdom Tooth Extraction Keep Or Remove

Over time, wisdom teeth, the last molars at the ends of each row of teeth, have lost their role in chewing food, therefore they are the most common causes for severe dental problems, such as impaction, gum recession and infections, teeth that often need to be extracted soon after they erupt or, in many cases, even before they come out. However, not all people have problems with their wisdom teeth – in many cases, the teeth erupt correctly, grow in the right direction and never cause any serious issues. While healthy wisdom teeth do not need to be extracted, here are the wisdom tooth problems that are best solved through wisdom tooth removal Highland Park offers:

  • Impaction – when the wisdom tooth is buried under the gum completely or partially, the tooth becomes more susceptible to infections and various forms of decay. The only way to solve the problems arising from an impacted wisdom tooth is the removal of the affected tooth;
  • Severe infection of a correctly erupted wisdom tooth – like any tooth, wisdom teeth can also become infected, even if they have grown in correctly. The difficult to reach location of the tooth makes root canal treatments difficult and often inefficient, extraction being the best solution in most cases.