Is Wisdom Tooth Removal A One Day Process?

wisdom tooth removal things you should know

Wisdom teeth are more likely to need extraction than other teeth and the problems they cause might be more severe, too, but the extraction procedure usually can be performed as outpatient treatment, meaning that you can go home right after the surgery. Here is what you should expect with a wisdom tooth removal Skokie procedure:

  • The administration of the anaesthetic – the strength and duration of the anaesthesia is chosen by your doctor depending on the complexity of the intervention. An uncomplicated extraction can be performed under local anaesthesia, but more complex interventions might require deeper levels of sedation;
  • The removal process – when the anaesthetic kicks in, the surgeon will remove the tooth using special tools, such as tiny hammers. If the tooth is buried in soft tissue or in the jawbone, the surgeon might need to make an incision on the gum to be able to get to the tooth. After the tooth is extracted, the remaining gap is either left to heal on its own or, if the gap is very large, it is sutured;
  • Waiting to become completely alert – after the extraction, you will have to spend a little more time in the doctor’s office, being allowed to leave only when you are fully alert.
  • The complete process usually takes between 60-90 minutes.