Should you Replace Teeth with Implants?



What You Should Know About Dental Implant



When it comes to replacing your missing teeth, you have several options:

  • mobile prosthesis
  • dental tip
  • dental implant
  • as well as the option of doing nothing and complicating things unnecessarily

Currently, dental implant represents the best solution for replacing lost teeth, whether we are talking about one, several or all teeth! The dental implant generically defines the entire implant-prosthetic complex:

  • The implant itself (an artificial root replaces the natural root )
  • Prosthetic abutment – the connecting element between the implant and the artificial crown, on which it is anchored
  • The artificial crown – replaces the natural crown of the tooth

The dental implant Park Ridge doctors perform looks identical and behaves the same as the natural tooth. As long as there is enough bone to insert it, the surgery is quite simple, predictable, safe and pain-free. The bone receives stimuli that maintain its volume and density over time. The only apparent disadvantage of dental implant treatment is the initial cost. However, in the case of a dental implant, a single crown is made instead of three (minimum) as in the case of a dental bridge. The fact that the implant preserves the integrity of the neighboring teeth in the long run also recommends it as the ideal treatment option in case of missing teeth.