What is the Longevity of a Tooth Implant?

Longevity of dental implant tooth replacement



A dental implant is nowadays considered to be the safest and most durable method of replacing a tooth. Implants allow the integrity of dental arches to be restored, thus eliminating the need to sacrifice healthy neighbor teeth in the process.

The resistance and comfort obtained make dental implants the best choice in the long run, even if they are more expensive upfront.

With a success rate of over 98%, statistically confirmed, it is not surprising that the dental implant Skokie area has become the main option for patients who have lost their natural teeth.

The question “How long does a dental implant last?” refers to the 2%.

First of all, it must be understood that the dental implant cannot be “rejected by the body”, because it is not a living, active tissue, but an inert, biocompatible material. Titanium, like zirconium, the materials from which dental implants are made, have a neutral behavior in the human body, so they cannot cause a reaction. The success of the dental implant consists, in fact, in its osseointegration – a process by which a rigid and asymptomatic fixation in the bone tissue of the implant is obtained and maintained.

The implant can last a lifetime, if patients take care of their teeth and health, vahe good dental hygiene, do not smoke excessively and schedule regular dental appointments for checkups and  professional hygiene treatments.