What Are Dental Implants Made of and Why Do They Last so Long?

dental implant materials

Dental implants have an interesting history that dates back many years. Some of the first implants simply consisted of tooth-shaped metal inserts that were added to supplement missing teeth. This practice was actually commonplace in most areas until advanced materials were developed that could mimic the texture and appearance of normal teeth. In some areas, metal is still preferred, although the modern dentistry and dental implant surgeon Skokie located will typically give you a lot of options in this regard.


Most dental implants are not just simple inserts. They have a number of parts and are strikingly similar to the structure of a regular tooth. They have a crown, which is usually made from a special ceramic made to be resilient enough to imitate the constitution of regular teeth, a connector that secures the crown to the screw, and of course a screw, which goes into the gum and the bone, and is responsible for securing the implant into place.


The screw is typically made from a durable and resilient material such as titanium, which is known to last quite well for many decades. Its role is to keep your new implant in place by fusing with the natural bone and providing a safe and stable base that will not be moved or damaged easily.