What Are the New Technologies for Dental Implants?

dental implants new technologies

Dental implants are currently the most modern dental replacement solutions and also a field that features continuous innovation. Implanting technologies are constantly evolving to include new installation and design techniques as well as new materials – here are some examples of innovative methods:

  • Digital implant design – more and more implantologists use digital scans of the patient’s jaw to allow dental technicians to prepare customized implants that fit the patient’s jaw perfectly;
  • Surgery guided by computers – many Chicago dental implants specialists today use computer programs and tiny cameras to ensure that the implant pole is installed correctly. The precision method minimizes the size of the cut and ensures the fast healing of the surgical area as well;
  • Molds created with 3D printers for the crown – the visible part of dental implants is usually what interests patients the most. Modern technologies are used for creating crowns of the shape and color that match the other teeth perfectly – many dental technicians today use 3D printers to create the tooth that matches the scanned images received from the implant specialist;
  • New materials – while titanium is the most common material for implant poles, new materials are also becoming widespread and the range of option is extending when it comes to the materials used in the crown, too.