Can You Chew Food Right Away After Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

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Wisdom teeth – the last teeth at the end of each row – are vestigial molars that have lost their role in grinding and chewing food, that is why they are so often affected by development abnormalities and they become decayed so quickly after eruption. Wisdom tooth problems are so common that most people need to get them extracted at an early age – if you are going to have a wisdom tooth removal Park Ridge soon, here are some things to know about how to eat right after the intervention:

  • No chewing is allowed – you will probably not want to eat any food that needs chewing right after the surgery, but even if you do, you will have to stay away from hard food at least until the effects of the anaesthetic wear out. The reason is that the numbness in your mouth might make chewing difficult and dangerous due to the risk of biting your lips or your tongue;
  • Stay away from solid food for a while – you should refrain from hard food for a couple of days more, to allow the extraction site to start healing;
  • Stay away from hot, cold meals and dairy – hot and cold foods and beverages might irritate the extraction site, while dairy products might increase the risk of infections.