What Is The Need For Tooth Extraction

tooth extraction reasons wisdom teeth

Tooth extraction is a very common form of dental treatment, a procedure that involves the surgical removal of a tooth. There can be many situations that require dental extraction – here are some:

  • Trauma sustained by a tooth – a severe blow to the face or other forms of trauma can cause irreparable damage to the tooth, including not only a broken crown, but a fractured root as well. Such severely damaged teeth might not be suitable for being repaired with other procedures, such as fillings or crowns;
  • Severe decay – while some forms of severe decay can be treated with root canal treatments, crowns and fillings, for other seriously decayed, inflamed or infected teeth, extraction is the only solution;
  • Dental alignment – the process of moving teeth in the right direction requires more space and that extra space can only be created if some of the patient’s teeth are extracted, even if they are perfectly healthy;
  • Planning to undergo chemotherapy or organ transplant – these treatments require the reduction of inflammations and infections to the minimum in the patient’s body. If dental infections are found, the patient might be required to undergo dental extractions before the chemotherapy is initiated or the transplant performed.

Also, wisdom tooth removal Buffalo Grove dentists offer is also another reason for tooth extraction that is recommended.