When Do You Need Surgery To Remove Wisdom Teeth

wisdom tooth extraction removal services

Wisdom teeth removal is the process of surgically removing one or more wisdom teeth, the last teeth located at each end of the upper and lower row of teeth. Wisdom teeth are vestigial teeth that used to be important for chewing and grinding food 10,000 years ago, but the changes in the lifestyle and the diet of modern humans have rendered wisdom teeth useless. The presence of these unused teeth in our mouth can cause lots of problems, some of which might affect the entire row of teeth and that can be most efficiently solved through the extraction of wisdom teeth. Here are some of these issues:

  • Impaction – in some cases, the wisdom tooth has no room to erupt properly, therefore it grows underneath the surface of the gum. Such incorrectly growing wisdom teeth might push the other teeth in the row and they are susceptible to inflammations and infections, therefore they need to be removed;
  • Decay – the location of wisdom tooth makes it very difficult to clean them, therefore wisdom teeth are more susceptible to severe tooth decay that can be solved only through extraction;
  • Dental realignment – if the patient’s teeth need more space to be able to move and to align properly, the wisdom tooth might need to go to make room for the other teeth.  Be sure to check out Skokie wisdom tooth removal for some of the best extraction services available.