Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed as Soon as They Grow Out?

Why wisdom tooth removal is necessary

Wisdom teeth might be natural, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. According to a lot of dental experts, wisdom teeth are essentially a third set of molars that starts to grow out when you’ve passed your teen years. These teeth are unique in that they grow at the back, behind your regular teeth, and the growth can be abnormally painful or discomforting in some situations.


The pain is why some people decide to remove their wisdom teeth. Also, the distortions that they might cause could influence your facial features to develop differently and in a less symmetrical way. Also, in some cases, wisdom teeth only emerge partially from beneath the gums, or sometimes they don’t emerge at all. Having a set of sharp teeth right below the surface of your gums can cause a lot of issues, and the partial growth can end up trapping food particles that would lead to greater decay and deterioration of your teeth over time.


Not all wisdom teeth have to be removed, of course. In fact, many dentists believe that if the teeth have grown out to be healthy, painless, symmetrical and completely exposed from under your gums, so that they can effectively be cleaned using normal dental hygiene practices, then there should be no issue.  It is best to check with professionals like Buffalo Grove wisdom tooth removal offices and see if you need wisdom tooth removal.