What Is an Oral Surgeon Supposed to Help You with?

Dental surgery oral surgeon implant process

Visiting your dentist can bring bad news sometimes. You might be suffering from an issue that requires a surgery, or your wisdom teeth might simply have emerged and you need to get them removed. These and many other issues can be resolved with a visit to a reliable oral surgeon.


An oral surgeon is, as the name would suggest, a dental professional who handles surgeries. Like a regular surgeon, they use anesthetic to partially or completely knock you out, or just to numb the pain, and then they proceed with the surgery as planned. In many cases, dental surgeries require more than an hour of work, and then a lengthy recovery period during which you can’t eat certain foods, and in the beginning you might even feel drowsy or out of it because of the anesthetic. However, the advantage is that the surgical intervention helped remove the problem entirely, so you no longer have to worry about it.


Dental surgeons aren’t always required for mild procedures such as removing a tooth or applying a filling. However, they might be required for procedures involving the removal of a root, the setup of a dental implant from a dental implant surgeon Park Ridge offers or various types of surgeries intended to help improve your smile or align your teeth.