Are There A Variety of Dental Implant Products?

dental implant products more than one yes

Dental implants are the most advanced permanent dental replacement solutions available today, artificial teeth that look, feel and work exactly like natural teeth.

Depending on the structure and the type of the installation, implants come in three main types: endosteal implants are the most common, suitable for patients who have healthy gums and a healthy jawbone, subperiosteal implants, used for patients whose jawbone is not dense enough to hold the metal pole of the implant and zygomatic implants mounted into the cheekbone, instead of the jaw and is used in patients with severe jawbone issues.

Dental implanting products can also be categorized based on the time required to complete the installation. Implant installation by a Park Ridge dental implant surgeon usually requires several interventions over a period of several months, the first one will be performed to mount the implant pole into the jaw, then the second one follows to mount the abutment on the pole, but only after the gum has healed properly and a third procedure is also necessary, to install the artificial crown. However, the patients who have sufficiently dense and strong bones have another, much faster way to get their implant: with immediate load implants that can be mounted in 48 hours, very soon after the extraction.