What Is the Reasoning to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

HICD Wisdom Tooth Removal Reasons

Wisdom teeth are vestigial molars that do not fulfill any role in chewing and this practical uselessness, combined with the difficult-to-reach location of wisdom teeth, can lead to severe dental issues. Here are some of the reasons that justify the removal of wisdom teeth when the signs and symptoms are still minor:

  • Pain – in the case of wisdom teeth, even minor pain can signal a severe problem. If your wisdom tooth starts aching, visit your dentist immediately and get the tooth out if that is the specialist’s recommendation;
  • Infection – wisdom teeth are difficult to reach and to clean properly, therefore they can get infected easily and in many cases, the infections fail to heal properly and recur frequently. If that is your situation, too, the best solution is extraction;
  • Damage to nearby teeth – wisdom teeth often fail to erupt and they grow under the gum surface or they erupt improperly and push the nearby teeth, damaging them. Extraction is the best way to correct these issues, too;
  • Gum disease – the difficulty to clean wisdom teeth usually leads to the accumulation of bacteria in the back of the mouth that can lead not only to tooth decay, but to the appearance of gum disease. The removal of the affected tooth might be the best solution of the problem.  Oral Surgeons at HICD provide extraction of wisdom teeth at an affordable cost and quality services.