Can You Drive After Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Did You Know Wisdom Tooth Removal Need Driving Home

For most people, their wisdom teeth are the first ones to need extraction, usually not long after the molars have erupted or even before that. In most cases, the extraction is very similar to the extraction of any other teeth, but in some cases, the intervention is more complex, the difficulty of the surgery largely determining your driving abilities. Here is what you need to know about driving home on your own right after the wisdom tooth removal Buffalo Grove area surgery:

  • The level of anaesthesia used – if the extraction is performed under simple local anaesthesia and you feel good after the intervention, there is no reason why you could not drive after the extraction. However, if the extraction is performed under deeper sedation, the sedative administered might interfere with your ability to drive, therefore you will need to ask someone to drive you home and you will need to stay away from driving for at least 24 hours;
  • Driving later on during the day after local sedation – even if you are allowed to drive home after your surgery, you might feel run down or you might experience pain when the anaesthetic wears out completely, so you might need to take things easy for a day or two.