Can You Keep Your Wisdom Teeth?

girl wisdom tooth pain removal needed

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth at the two ends of each row. These molars no longer play a role in chewing and grinding our food and their special, difficult to reach location and lack of function makes them the most problematic teeth, the most common culprits behind a less-than-perfect smile.

Wisdom teeth can be affected in many ways. In some cases, they do not erupt correctly or completely, in others, they do not erupt at all, but grow underneath the gum surface, pushing the entire row of teeth and causing the teeth to become crowded. The most common treatment for these issues is usually the surgical wisdom tooth removal – it is the best way to avoid complications as well as to protect the other teeth.

Wisdom teeth are usually problematic, but some people are lucky and get perfectly straight, healthy wisdom teeth – if you are one of these people, you don’t need to get your healthy wisdom teeth extracted. However, even these healthy molars can develop cavities and other issues – after all, they are still located in a hard to reach place –, but most of these issues are simple to address, with the methods used for treating tooth, such as fillings or inlays.