Why Do You Need Oral Surgery For Tooth Extraction

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Most dental extractions are simple affairs that can be easily performed by general dentists and heal in a couple of days, but some extractions require specialized knowledge and can only be done by experienced oral surgeons. Here are some of the situations when your extraction needs to be done by a surgeon:

  • Wisdom tooth extraction – this type of intervention can be problematic because many wisdom teeth are not erupted properly, which makes them difficult to access and the need for wisdom tooth removal by an oral surgeon. If the tooth is not erupted at all and is growing underneath the gum, the intervention is even more complicated;
  • Broken teeth – sometimes, extractions that initially seem simple end up being surgical emergencies. If a tooth breaks while a general dentist attempts the extraction, the procedure needs to be taken over by an oral surgeon who has the specialized tools and knowledge necessary for removing broken pieces;
  • Very long or curved roots – teeth that have such roots cannot be extracted by general dentists because the procedure requires special tools and techniques that only experienced oral surgeons have;
  • Very dense tissue around the tooth – some teeth are held captive by very dense surrounding tissue. The removal of these tooth should also be done by oral surgeons.