Is It Possible to Not Have Wisdom Teeth?

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Wisdom teeth used to fulfill important roles in grinding food tens of thousands of year ago, but by today, they have lost all their function. As our evolution continues, humans are moving in the direction of what scientists call third molar hypodontia, that is, the elimination of wisdom teeth from the structure of the skull. The process has probably started hundreds of years ago and by today, about one quarter of the human population has only 1-3 wisdom teeth and about 35% of people are born with no wisdom teeth at all.

Scientists are still researching the exact factors that determine whether or not someone will have all four wisdom teeth or will have a wisdom tooth deficiency. Experts currently believe that there are two important factors that determine whether someone will get wisdom teeth:

  • Genetics – the lack of wisdom teeth is, in many cases, called by genetic mutations;
  • The environment – in certain cultures, the percentage of people who don’t have wisdom teeth is higher than in other cultures, a possible cause being the dominant diet of the culture. If that staple diet consists mainly of soft foods, the wisdom teeth become even more obsolete and disappear completely.  For wisdom tooth extraction look locally to the professionals at